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kansas association of teachers of science

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KATS has been connecting Kansas Teachers of Science for more than 50 years!   Officers may be contacted directly by email as follows:


     For questions about website operation or problems.  If you have information to be posted to the website, it may be sent here.  


If you have information to be submitted to the KATS newsletter, or comments about an article, send it here. 


Questions about membership should be directed to the membership chair at the above address.


Questions about registration at upcoming events (KAMP) should be directed to the registration chair.


     Questions about outstanding bills or invoices should be sent to the treasurer.  


The secretary handles routine correspondence for the KATS organization.  Any questions or information concerning minutes or agenda items should be sent here.  If you do not receive a response from another officer in a reasonable time, please contact the secretary. 


Anyone planning to attend the spring conference  (KAMP) as a vendor should send all inquiries to the vice-president.


The president elect is responsible for organizing the program and publishing a schedule of events for the spring conference. 


Inquiries and information about KATS awards and elections should be forwarded to the past-president.


      For questions or information about KATS as an organization or to volunteer for an office, or for general questions about an upcoming conference, contact the president. 


KATS emails:  

Emails for all officers can be found at CONTACT US.

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