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kansas association of teachers of science

Mission Statement

The Kansas Association of Teachers of Science (KATS) is the District 11 chapter of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). The purpose of the KATS shall be the advancement, stimulation, extension, improvement, and coordination of science teaching in all fields of science at all educational levels.

Executive Board

Past President:  Betsy Lawrence

President: Robert Hamilton        

President-Elect: Julie Bergkamp    

Vice-President: Wendy Calderwood     



Committee Chairs and Appointees

Registrar: Elizabeth Tackett

Newsletter:  Samantha Lehr

Membership: Allie Lippe



KS Dept. of Ed. :  Meg Richard

NSTA District IX Director:   Jodi Bahr

Informal Ed: 

KS Science & Engineering Fair: Traci Kallhoff

KS Assn for Conservation and

   Environmental Ed: Laura Downey

Mohling Foundation:  Carol Mohling

Regional Board Members

Region I

   Elementary: Sheila Cabanas

   Secondary: Stephanie Alderman-Oler

   College: Martha Nowak, KSU

Region II

  Elementary: Meggan Eilert

   Secondary: Nicholas Anderson

   College: Jacqueline Cheery

Region III

   Elementary: Patsy Bowen

   Secondary: Jennifer Richmond

   College: Nancy Smith, Ottawa

Region IV

   Elementary: Caitlin Murray

   Secondary: Traci Kalloff

   College: Dan Bergman, WSU

Region V                                                                                           Constitution

   Elementary:      Andrea Dix                                                                      

   Secondary: Candice Van Allen

  College: Matthew Clay,  FHSU                                                  KATS Policy Book

Region VI

   Elementary: Neil Lundgren

   Secondary: Jennifer Hegwood

   College: Connie Schaef

KATS emails:  

Emails for all officers can be found at CONTACT US.

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