kansas association of teachers of science

Mission Statement

The Kansas Association of Teachers of Science (KATS) is the District 11 chapter of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). The purpose of the KATS shall be the advancement, stimulation, extension, improvement, and coordination of science teaching in all fields of science at all educational levels.

Executive Board

President: Tim Elsen

Past President: Carol Bonham

President-Elect: Nancy Smith

Vice-President: Elizabeth Tackett

Secretary: Clarence (Fred) Snyder

Treasurer: Brian Nelson

Contact email: kats.org1967@gmail.com

Committee Chairs and Appointees

Membership Chair: Lori Coles

Kamp Registrar: Ericka Wright

Newsletter:  Samantha Lehr

Webmaster: Randy Brull


Ks Dept. of Ed. : Lizette Burks

NSTA District IX Director:    Carrie Launius

Informal Ed: Chaille Blount

Ks Science & Engineering Fair: Traci Kallhoff

Ks Assn for Conservation and

   Environmental Ed: Laura Downey

Mohling Foundation:      Carol Mohling

Regional Board Members

Region I

   Elementary: Besty Lawrence

   Secondary: Julie Bergkamp

   College: Martha Nowak

Region II

  Elementary: Laura Leis

   Secondary: Stacy Harris

   College: Jacqueline Spears

Region III

   Elementary: Denise Cottenmyre

   Secondary: Jennifer Richmond

   College: Scott Capes

Region IV

   Elementary: Ericka Wright

   Secondary: Chris Hutson

   College: Soon Chun Lee

Region V                                                                                           Constitution

   Elementary:      TBA                                                                        

   Secondary: Keri Maricle

   College: Dean Stramel

Region VI

   Elementary: Taajinia Elliot

   Secondary: Wendy Calderwood

   College: Connie Schaef

KATS emails:  

Webmaster: webmaster@kats.org

Emails for all officers can be found at CONTACT US.

Payments and invoices should be sent to:

KATS Treasurer

P.O. Box 780899

Wichita KS 67278

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